Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Shop decoration

Illustrated walls of some shop in Victoria Quarter passage in Leeds, selling natural clothing and porcelain. A bit of art Nouveau, a bit of Art Deco, a bit of Seventies and a bit of modernism. Very pleasing effect.


Joseph Keirs said...

Oh yes! Another reason to look forward to my return to Leeds, looks sexy as.

You're right it certainly is a blend of influences! Kind of Alphonse Mucha meets Deanne Cheuk – Which can't ever be bad.

Although Mucha is a corpse now, so maybe it wouldn't be too great a meeting. Kind of a one way conversation even.

Anyway, Cheers for posting this up - looks wicked. Let me know if you remember what the shop was X

little dead girl said...

Mucha is next in the line to be posted :D Unfortunately, totally forgot the sop's name, but its close to Jo Malone. :)

Joseph Keirs said...

Brilliant, can't wait to checka de check it* out.

Loving the little dead girl name by the way, leaves mine looking so passe.

Just found your other blog, amazing! How come you keep two? I won't question that actually, 'Krakon's love life' nearly just gave me an orgasm so all's well.

* Both the Mucha post & the shop!

little dead girl said...

Hahaha :) I have three, actually,but one in Polish.
and thanx for the complimenting my internet nickname ;-)

if you like pigs as well I'll try to find another one especially for you.

Joseph Keirs said...

Wow, that's pretty generous. If it can match the beauty of the first one I'm sure it'll put a spring in my trotters.

Hmm, so one of your blogs is in Polish – I wonder if there's an online translator...

little dead girl said...

Some possibly are, but that won't be the same ;) cheers!