Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Alphonse Mucha

Woman modeling for Mucha

Do I really have to introduce him?
I don't remember when spotted him first, but from then on, I'm buying books and going to every exhibition I can find.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Shop decoration

Illustrated walls of some shop in Victoria Quarter passage in Leeds, selling natural clothing and porcelain. A bit of art Nouveau, a bit of Art Deco, a bit of Seventies and a bit of modernism. Very pleasing effect.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Banksy is a controversial British street artist, graffiti maker, painter.
His* works are very contemporary, infected with the impurity of a modern urban life - rubbish everywhere, media, dirt, sales, cheap stuff for masses,wars, conflicts, globalism and fulfilled with pop culture.
(Ps. dzięki kapusta ;)
*(thanks dear Kapust for explaining me basic rules of english language;-)

Monday, 18 August 2008

Soul Journey - Andrew Gonzalez

Mr. Gonzalez is self - taught American artist, using airbrushed acrylics on clayboard or gessoed panels. His creative outlook is inspired by the idea that 'Beauty is supreme Theophany' and esoteric themes like death, birth, or any other transformations.

Thursday, 14 August 2008


It started with Johnny Mnemonic, Monalisa Overdrive, Graf Zero, Neuromancer and other books by William Gibson.
Cyberpunk plots often center on a conflict amonghackers, artificial intelligence, and megacorporations. They tend to be set in a near-future Earth, rather than the far-future settings or galactic vistas found in novels such as Frank Herbert's Dune. The settings are usually post-industrial dystopias but tend to be marked by extraordinary cultural ferment and the use of technology in ways never anticipated by its creators . Much of the genre's atmosphere echoes film noir, and written works in the genre often use techniques fromdetective stories.

Japonisme is a blog created by an anonymous person using a nickname 'Lotus green'.
It's how she desribes this site:
..."i once went around the world, a week in japan, a week in paris, and a week in new york. from nyc i took the train down to rutgers where there is an institute for the study of japonisme, and where they have an incredible selection from their collection on display.

the main reason i did this was because i wanted to see, well, see intuitively, the evolution of japanese into japonisme. and i did."

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Monday, 11 August 2008

Animals Teach Us How To Be People

Bears do not discriminate when their young are female.A lion never uses its strenght to humilate another.
When two clans of gorillas meet, they always avoid conflict.
Elephants never abandon the elderly.
When a dolphin finds a hurt dolphin, he helps it staying afloat.
The only difference between panthers and leopards is color.
Agency: Sra. Rushmore United (Madrid)
Advertiser: Parques Reunidos, S.A.
Brand: Madrid Zoo
A series of thought provoking posters for Zoo Aquarium in Madrid.
Who is more moral?

Saturday, 2 August 2008


A young designer from Poland, Szymon Skrzypczak, has walked away with the top prize in a competition to design a new logo to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the EU.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Magical realism -Jacek Yerka

Ecumenic Cat (my fav)

Between the hell and heaven

Midsummer night's dream



Artist's kitchen

Book illustrated by Yerka to the short stories of Harlan Ellison

Finnish girls keep posting Finnish artist, now's my turn to show sth from my homeland.
Yerka's inspirations are Jan van Eyck, Bosh,Campin, and surrealist like Magritte.
The pastoral atmosphere of the Polish countryside provides a solid, mimetic foundation for much of Yerka's art.
However, it is his own uniquely evocative dreams that limn the complex, often arcane imagery of his work.
Yerka inspired the fantasy writer Harlon Ellison to write 30 short stories which along with his pictures constituted the publication entitled "Mind Fields".
The same American publisher "Morpheus International" released the album "The Fantastic Art of Jacek Yerka".
In 1995 the artist was awarded the prestigious World Fantasy Award for the best artist. He exhibits in Poland and abroad (in Germany, France and USA among others), being an esteemed representative of the science fiction stream of art.