Thursday, 2 October 2008


Here, please.
A cat + humorous comment + broken english (kitteh eenglish) = world wide success.

Somewhere over the rainbow

Wooden orthodox churches which can be found in the forgotten small villages at the east borders of Poland. Style is russian, for catholic churches are not usually designed with a dome roof.

Clive Barker's Salome

Very weird short film, based on biblical story, made by horror writer Clive Barker. The film was made in 1973 and extremely rare until someone posted it on youtube (I salute him!)
Imaginary and the atmosphere are most important in that piece (7 mins long) - its, dusty, heavy, distorted and atmospheric like hell.

St.Conan's Kirk

St. Conan's Kirk (what a name.. wonder if he came from Cymmeria :P) in Scotland. It was built in the late 19th century, is a mixture of neo-gothic and neo-god-knows-what by an architect Walter Campbell. Webportal 'Undiscovered Scotland describes it this way: "He did not design the church to conform to any particular style. Rather he took ideas and designs from different places and periods and produced something that serves as a collection of the best or most interesting features drawn from many other churches."
Ps. It have drainpipes looking like rabbits!

Skansen in Kielce

A museum of village architecture , everyday life and interior design, from 17th -to early 20th century.

Actors in traditional clothes.

Old Pharmacy

Pharmaceutician's workshop

Something like living-room ;-)
Something like living-room ;-)

One even can't imagine how many surprisingly modern furniture and solutions have already been invented in the past.

Laced Fairy Tale

Yes I know. I completely neglected architecture so I'm posting in the last minute. :)

Spanish balconies

I've been in Malaga last year, so it's not quite a recent photo, but those large windows and small balconies added to each window are such a pretty contrast to English small and square ones.
Moreover, on these streets at night one can feel like being among friends - everything is so clean , warm and pretty.


Fred & Friends is an American company making funny gadgets and employing a bunch of crazy designers. Best table lamp I've ever seen.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Lost in Translation

There are some (well... much more then some) videos, posters, advertisement, made in Poland, which are based on a certain local sense of humor and, most of all, language jokes, which cannot be translated to English without losing their point.And which I would really like to post but I can't because nobody will understand.

This one was emitted in exactly this version in TV, and obviously - we dont speak Japanese. But still... its understandable.

There is always room for making jokes from other nations, this time, English. That beer was supposed to be cider - like (which was quite a new stuff on our market ).


GantZ is Japanese comic book and animated series, written by Hiroya Oku.
All characters of the stories have just died and woke up in some strange place and received an order - to kill a pointed person (referred as alien) or to die trying. What for? Why me? What exactly is happening? - nobody knows.
Story characters are not superheroes, but ordinary people confronted with a situation which is completely beyond their understanding and capabilities. The world they just have left was cruel, brutal, and lacked of justice, but now they found themselves to be in much bigger troubles they could have ever possibly imagined.
And oh, I don't reckon that the author have ever heard about something called 'happy ending'.

Monday, 29 September 2008

The legend of Tim Burton

Tim Burton has created some of the most outstanding dark, strange and stimulating creative visions in filmmaking history.His movies are dark and evocative dreams. He has an ingenious talent for creating haunting landscapes that come alive with an intensity and beauty rarely seen. His characters are inventive and inspiring and yet often on the edge of society. His most famous works are:
-Edward the scissorhands
-Sleepy Hollow
-Ed Wood
-Sweeney Todd
-Corpse Bride
-Batman Returns
-Mars Attacs

Suicide Girls

Suicide Girls is a website that features photos of goth, punk, pin-up models. Site works also as a community, with text profiles of those girls.
Ideology behind that was incredibly simple - as the creators, Sean Suhl and Selena Mooney have said 'just to see hot punk-rock girls naked', but the site became incredibly successful, and even was mentioned in popular crime story CSI:New York.
However, origin of the name is quite interesting - Ms.Mooney explains that:
"Suicide girls is a term my friends and I had been using to describe the girls we saw in Portland's Pioneer Square with skateboards in one hand, wearing aminor treat hoodie, listening to Ice Cube on their iPods while reading a book of Nick Cave's poetry. They are girls who didn't fit into any conventional sub-culture and didnt [sic] define themselves based on musical taste like punk, metal, goth, etc. I think the only classifications right now people identify with are mainstream and outside of mainstream. That is why the site is called SuicideGirls."

Suicide and CSI

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Linda Zacks' The N

Linda Zacks is a versatile art director, illustrator, designer and artist.
The N, Nickelodeon's teen television network, commissioned Linda to create six original characters for use in on-air spots as part of a rebranding project. The characters needed to appeal to the young, teenage demographic and capture the essence of six diverse and vibrant "types" each with a distinct voice.

Vintage Erotica

Well, what to do - it always existed.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Orion telescopes

Orion telescopes add by creative agency of University of Texas. Totally didn't expect Americans have distance to themselves and even a sense of humour, especially in Texas.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Olympic torch evolution

I think I like Chinese most - and just because it is clear at the first sight that it's Chinese.
Nobody else gave it such strong personality - and maybe because Chinese art is different and therefore easier to recognize.


With or without glasses? (Please view in FULL SIZE)

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Neil Gaiman - Coraline

Coraline is a novel for children (???????) and adults, by Neil Gailman.
Reminds of Alice in Wonderland.
Coraline, after moving with her parents to the new apartament discovers small hidden door, leading to another world.
Which is completely distorted, with wicked version of her parents, and her own twisted and caricatural version living there.

Neil Gaiman - Sandman

The Sandman is a series of comic books wrtitten by Neil Gailman. The main character is a Lord of Dreams - Morpheus, antropomorphic personification of dreams. At the beginning of the story, Morpheus is caught by some occult rituals and imprisoned for 70 years. When he eventually escapes, he founds his dream kingdom fell into riuns and abonimation.

Friday, 19 September 2008


It appears propaganda still works.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Horror Show

Dark humour.
Cheap horrors, zombies, vampires, devils, psychopats, boobs and bloodbaths are actually a part of the pop-culture.
Finnish group Lordi and british Cradle of filth perfected this kind of show, and, basically, don't consider themselves too serious...


Symbols on symbols on symbols. Each color have a meaning, each detail is where-it-must-be.
Something like graphic design.
Let's say Devil -
1.Main character - the Devil - is drawn en face, which shows its force and dominance.
2.Two smaller figures - man and woman - are slaves, and their pasiveness is exaggerated by animal attributes -horns and tails. Their postures represent lack of harmony, lack of control, impulsive, instinctive natures of their characters.
3.Their chains (ties) represent submission to the materialistic and phisical desires, surrender to the dark forces, they are just slaves of devil.
4.In this context, dominant blue color is a color of depression and escape.